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Home Buyer Assistance Program & Conventional Loans to $450K


Home Buyer Program Benefits

The major benefit of the home buyer assistance program is to provide for a conventional home loan that has no down payment, no closing cost, no fees and no perfect credit.  The program has no income limits and homes up to $450K are available for purchase.  

How the Program Works

The program covers the entire home purchase transaction.  Beginning with attending a workshop, and them moving onto Budget Counseling sessions which determine you pre-approval loan amount.  Once approved, I will help you begin your home search.  I will identify homes in the location you choose and from there we will begin to view homes which meet your criteria.  Once we find the home for you, I will write your offer and negotiate with the Seller to get the best priced offer.  We will work with the non-profit to have the home inspected, get the title search done and close the deal in their offices. Finally you will receive the keys to your new home.  

Working with Me - Your Buyer Agent

Buyers need a buyer agent to represent them in negotiations with Seller agents.  I request that buyers sign a buyers agreement before beginning work with them.  The buyer will not be paying any fees to the buyer agent as the Seller pays the buyer agents commission.  I will be providing buyers services throughout the home buying process and want to get paid in the end.  

Make an Appointment

Please contact me at 832-896-2019 to make an appointment to discuss the process of purchasing a home.  We will get you on your way to owning a home. 

Home Buyer Loan Programs offer little to nothing down home loans

As buyers agents, we offer real estate services such as a buyers agreement with the home buyer so that they can be properly represented in transactions and negotiations with the Sellers and their agents.  Please see the agreement below.

Residential Buyer Tenant Representation Agreement (TAR-1501) (pdf)